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As a personal chef, my goal is to create French-Mexican haute cuisine, which allows me to promote the diversity of the two cultures.

I want to celebrate the cultural heritage of both countries and by fusion them create a single culinary experience for you and your guests.

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Eat at home as if you were in a restaurant with menus adapted to your tastes, needs, allergies, diets and preferences.

Forget about shopping, cooking and cleaning, I’ll take care of everything.

Hire our services by the day, week or month.


What our Clients are saying

Everything she cooks is delicious
I highly recommend Chef Tania’s services! My family had originally hired Tania for one month, and then added another because we had such a wonderful experience. She really pays attention to what kind of meals you have in mind and then puts her own creative twist on the experience.
Annie and Randy Kerber
American composer, orchestrator and keyboard
We are delighted to have collaborated with Chef Tania
She is a very dedicated, diligent, flexible and reactive chef for orders as well as last minute ones. Tania is also able to realize different types of cooking. Very important point, she is very attentive to our expectations and standards.
Margaux Meunier
CEO and foundress In fine gourmet, private Jets Catering Company
Discovering the real Mexican gastronomy with Chef Tania was a real shock!!!
I was actually stunned by the huge variety of flavors, tastes, colors of her creations. And I underline the term "creations", because what we are all expecting from a chief is to be delighted, to travel, to live a real new and creative experience with all our senses and Chef Tania perfectly completes her mission.
Jean-Michel Sulpicy
Fondator of the Supra Training Programs
Fusion cuisine at its best!
Chef Tania really manages to hit the nail on the head with her offerings … her food strikes a perfect balance between richness and simplicity .. You can taste every ingredient! I particularly enjoyed the slow cooked lamb which was delicious and her capacity to mix sweet and sour!
Sultan, Paris, France
Real Estate Company
The Chef's unique style
The Chef's unique style traps her diners in a delicious and amusing experience, not only gastronomically, but organically and culturally. Her ability to turn a typical Mexican dish into a novel and unique culinary masterpiece is the hallmark of this talented Chef. The original interchange and mixture she proposes between indigenous Mexican and European ingredients and techniques, takes her proposal of Mexican haute cuisine to another level.
Paloma Alcántara
International Competition Lawyer based in Zürich

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